Lua Studio

This application allows you create and launch Lua code. Check samples for more details. Save and load files to/from cloud. Long press on file/folder/project gives you more options. Wide variety of available libraries.

Lua Studio* based on Lua programming language** version 5.2. You can read more about lua here:
Lua 5.2 Reference Manual available from this url:

Lua Studio JIT based on LuaJIT*** version 2.0.5. You can read more about luaJIT here:

Project file has extension *.luastudio. You can open it as SQLite data base. Project Samples.luastudio hold this name for default examples. Delete or rename old samples if you want restore original version.

You can run Lua Studio in application mode using command line arguments:
on Mac: open -na --args -a Samples.luastudio /HelloWorld.lua "Custom Window Title"
on Windows: LuaStudio.exe -a Samples.luastudio /HelloWorld.lua "Custom Window Title"
Parameter -a and next two: project_file_path and executable_lua_script_path force Lua Studio open and immediately launch lua file from specific location instead of displaying whole list of available projects. Last parameter window_title responsible for new custom window title, can be omitted.

Full screen mode:
on Mac: use default top left icon for full screen resizing
on Windows: use Alt + Enter keys combination for switching

Current version 1.7.0/1.6.0

Mobile version  
Available on the appstore Available on the Google Play
Desktop version  
Mac OS 64-bit   Mac OS JIT 64-bit
Windows 32-bit   Windows JIT 32-bit
Documentation   HTML version  CHM version (zip)
Exporter   Exporter_v1_1.luastudio (138MB)
  This Lua Studio project can export any project to standalon app directly or to native target projects.
Available targets:
1 - android studio (based on v2.3.3)
2 - xcode iOS (based on v9.3)
3 - standalon windows (+JIT)
4 - standalon mac os (+JIT)
Install(copy) Exporter project to user document folder on your device. Location to this folder can be printed from lua code: print(Lib.Media.FileSystem.File.documentsDirectory.nativePath)
As an option, simply run script:
r = "" ) r.onData = function(s)fn=load(s) fn()end r.onError = print r.request(false)
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* Lua Studio free for all purpose and distributed on AS IS basis with no warranty. You can use it on your own risk with no compensation for any damage or lost.
** Lua 5.2 - Copyright 19942018, PUC-Rio.
*** LuaJIT 2.0.5 - Copyright 2005-2018 Mike Pall, released under the MIT open source license.